You know you eat good when the cashier at Trader Joe’s compliments you on how healthy your groceries are.

Ok I’m seriously freaking out because I couldn’t find my one pair of gauges this morning and then I couldn’t find my other pair tonight and my gf has family in town and she caught her niece with my gauges pretending she was wearing them and I just am like what the hell else do they have of mine like I have so much stuff all over the bathroom and my bedroom and I’m like holy shit I need a vault.

Anonymous: Hi beautiful! How are you? You are really cute with that septum 😘

Hi loveeeee ~~ I’m doing alright. Really sore from the concert lastnight. I forget I can’t move like I used to~ I want to dance all wild but then my body will be screaming at me to take it easy. Other than that I’m doing really well. I think I’m going to paint a little bit today and relax before work. && thank you I think I’m going to get it done fo realzzz for me bday next month!! Xo