Anonymous: namaste♡ i hate the labels 'straight' & 'gay' or 'bi,' like i am just a woman who is attracted to men, and you are i woman who is attracted to women. i admire that so much and seeing pictures of your relationship is just so beautiful. you are just a free spirit that brings out the beauty in equal humanity. equality in who we love, what our skin color is, social status, gender, faith, etc. your blog just reflects the beauty in the natural things. bless you♡

This means a lot to me actually. I’m glad you follow me for a reason other than my posts being cool or something… I’m glad it’s because you see a different type of beauty in the world through me and that makes this blog worth keeping up with. We are all equal, one should never judge another human being, never make assumptions because every single person is an individual. I’m just Tori, weather I’m a lesbian or not should be the least of anyone’s worries.

Anonymous: i follow you because your super raaaaaaad :)

No you ;)

Anonymous: i follow you because your blog is awesome, your girlfriend is a hottie, and you spread nothing but positive vibes & positive people make me happy. *~

Meow meow meow.~ Positive vibrations to you flower~~glad I can make you happy by just being myself~ xoox

tell me why u follow me on anon


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Fruit is so beautiful. I’m eating a whole basket of strawberries to myself right now just appreciating every bite~ remembering they once were a seed planted in the earth and became so brightly colored and delicious.