Anonymous: what's your instagram?


keikowalrus: your voice is so sultry, unf.

Mmmmmmm. Universal noise for fucking?

treesonacid: hey! i just saw your blog in the recommended blogs thing and i saw the post/asks about the painting and your ex. i have a suggestion; you could paint over the painted-over painting and turn it into something that fills you with good feelings. hope you feel better! light to ya ^-^

Hi! Thanks for the suggestion love! (P.s. That’s awesome it was on the recommendation thing) ~~Only problem is the painting is back in California and I’m in Oregon~~ but I’m thinkin I’ll buy a big canvas like that one and paint something in memory of it ~ but my own twisted version~ love and light xox!

classicaldeception: Could you please tell me where you found that lovely tarot deck? I follow someone else who has the same one and I just love it! Xx

It’s the Wild Unknown tarot deck I’m pretty sure you can purchase it off their website xo

marleyhaws: I'm considering moving to Oregon in the next couple of months. Any suggestions?

Move to Oregon is my one and only suggestion.

Anonymous: You're beautiful!

So are you! Xoxo thank you.